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How to Run Powerful Promotions with MACH tools?
In a market disrupted by inflation, pandemic, and supply chain crunches, businesses are looking for new ways to engage and retain customers, who, in turn, are looking for ways to spend less and save more.

Modern enterprises need to become more flexible and adaptable to not only survive but thrive in the new commerce environment shaped by MACH tools. But what does it mean that promotions are going MACH?

Flexibility – headless promotion software allows businesses to adapt to changing customer demands quickly. This level of adaptability is made possible with API-first infrastructure, custom data support, and time-saving automation.

Scalability – a MACH-first solutions scale as your business grows. Cloud-native architecture and security checks make promotions not only incredibly dynamic but also fraud-proof.

Cost-effective – cloud-native architecture and SaaS pricing models lower the long-term costs.

Customizability – instead of getting annoyed with the limitations of rigid commerce solutions, build custom campaigns on top of dedicated API endpoints.

These are only some benefits of going MACH with consumer promotions. Join us live on October 4th at 5.30 pm CEST to learn more about building a growth-first tech stack for enterprise promotions.

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Hosted by Voucherify co-founder and CEO, Tom Pindel, and commercetools Chief Strategy Officer, Kelly Goetsch.

Oct 4, 2022 05:30 PM in Warsaw

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Kelly Goetsch
Chief Strategy Officer @commercetools
Tom Pindel
CEO and co-founder @Voucherify